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Horses are herbivores, herbs are nature's bounty for them. In today's modern world horses can not roam at leisure and pick out beneficial herbs and grasses. We can help by adding some of what they are NOT getting in their diet by feeding herbs. Unlike traditional medicine herbs work synergistically and harmoniously. Herbs can provide concentrated forms of vitamins and minerals in a highly absorbable form.
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I have always had the idea that Nature itself has many of the answers to horse care. So on my journey to find answers I decided to start Natural Horse Network. A place to gather together solutions and help for other like minded souls.  And our products are the the best of the best.

NHN is not just another "Natural" horse site. NHN is inspiration, a way of life. What makes us different? Our ability to appeal to horse lovers everywhere.  The heart of Natural Horse Network is in our spirit, our enthusiasm, our leadership and our dedication to horses. Here you will find information, education through articles, natural horse products.

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Natural Ulcer Relief for Horses
Burning pain from ulcers is an unfortunate fact of life for many horses. Ulcers occur when too much acid is produced in the stomach. It is important to note that Stomach Acid acts as a natural defense against pathogenic bacteria colonizing the stomach and small intestine. While conventional drugs offer ulcer relief for the horse, they ultimately interfere with digestion and set the horse up for infection and other long-term problems. Holistic products are effective as both short-term and long-term Ulcer relief.

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