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CHIA SEED boosts nutrition and brings healing and balance to Equines in a full spectrum. This ancient grain is rich in fiber, protein, essential oils, antioxidants, and a proper calcium phosphorus ratio. Chia is chemical and pesticide free, 100 percent natural and organically grown. Chia requires no mechanical or chemical processing. It’s ready to eat right out of the field!

CHIA SEED provides the highest plant source of Omega-3, with a proper 3:1 ratio of essential oils Omega 3 to 6. Chia helps prevent sand-colic and can eliminate the need for sand-clearing Psyllium products. Chia Seed regulates blood sugar helping horses with overweight, dieting, stress and insulin-issues.

CHIA SEED naturally provides healthier skin & coat, promotes strong hoof growth, helps provide a calming effect, reduces symptoms of arthritis, ulcers, inflammatory issues, aids with Laminitis, allergies, a healthier immune system, growth and development, recovery and increased energy. Chia seed is high in natural antioxidants, and will last several years without going rancid or spoiling.

Moody mares and horses suffering from hormone imbalance can improve with Omega 3 oil, which eases inflammation of the estrus cycle. Horses with ulcers often improve with Chia because of the soothing effect of the gelatinous seed in the gut and the insulin balancing effect of the seed components.

CHIA SEED can replace psyllium products and oil products in one simple grain. Easy to feed, easy to store! Economical!
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Benefits of Chia Seed
Promotes a healthy, glossy coat
Helps prevent and reduce ulcers
Stronger, faster growing hooves
Helps prevent laminitis and insulin disorders
Boosts the immune system
Good for respiratory system
Calms hot nervous temperaments
Eases mare cycles and estrus inflammation
Maintains supple joints and healing in connective tissues
Assists correct development of nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton
Repairs & maintains cellular walls
Anti-inflammatory — can act like "Bute"
Aids wound healing
Supports a healthy heart and blood circulation
Has anti-allergic properties
Encourages a strong metabolism
Chia has no strong flavor, easy to top dress
Easy to store, keeps up to two years
Economical — replaces several products in one simple grain
Horses love it!

Easy to Use Pails with sealable lids. Scoop included! (Intro size does not include scoop)

All Orders Include

   * Grown Organically!
   * Chemical & Pesticide free!
   * Gluten-free!
   * Non-GMO!
   * Raw!
   * Free-Shipping (US only)

3 LB Challenge size $29.00
5 LB Pail 40 servings $39.00
10 LB Pail 80 servings $59.00
12 Pound Refill - FOUR x 3 Pound Bags
18 Pound REFILL PACK $95.00
SIX x 3 Pound Bags
This is meant to refill customers own pail/bin.

ORGANIC 5 LB $44.99
ORGANIC 10 LB $79.99

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Feeding Instructions

These recommendations are based on research, science and actual experience with horses for best results. Please contact your veterinarian for more advise on changing feed rations for your horses.

   *  We recommend feeding the seeds dry. Allow the seeds to absorb water in the digestive tract. As they expand, the soft fiber does incredible work.
   * Mixing Chia seeds with 1 cup PRE-SOAKED grass or alfalfa pellets makes a tasty "cereal" that horses enjoy.
   * Chia can be safely fed everyday. We recommend feeding daily 5 to 6 days/week.


   * Feed 1/3 cup (about 2 oz .) for each horse on pasture or maintenance.
   * Feed 2/3 cup (about 4 oz.) for each horse on dry lot or stalled with hay.
   * We recommend 2/3 cup dose for young, growing horses, seniors, re-hab horses or competition
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