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The New Equine Zyme comes in 3 new sizes ( 3.5#, 7# and 21#) and comes in plastic pails. The 3.5 pound size should last a little over 2 months at the maintenance dose for a 1,000# horse which is one ounce.

It has 20 billion live naturally occuring micro-organisms and 50 billion live viable yeast cells per two one ounce servings, and 2.5 grams of digestive enzymes.

The probiocs are found in a rich yeast and yeast culture of a different texture then the original Equine Zyme.  But there are now more probiotic strains, and more prebiotics to feed the good bacteria!

We eliminated vitamin C, MSM and colostrum from this blend, mostly because a lot of people feed those ingredients separately, and it added greatly to the cost, but the Equine Zyme Plus will have the colostrum added in at a higher % then the original formula.

We designed this to be cost effective and effective for your horses to be served every day!

Regular use of high potency probiotics has been shown to also aide in the prevention of ulcers, parasitic infestations, gas colic, and in some cases spring grass caused laminitis.

Probiotics for Horses
Equine Zyme can also help your horse to have healthier hooves as he will be absorbing more of the nutrients in the hay and feed stuffs he eats.   Equine-Zyme  improves Phosphorus absorption by 25% and improves the bio-availability of minerals while it improves overall health and well being.

If your horses is new to Equine-Zyme start them out slowly over a weeks time, using 1/4 scoop for a day or two then increase to 1/2 scoop then go to the full scoop as they get used to the taste.

Please call or e-mail for a guaranteed analysis as the label is just now being completed (1.14.14).

Try Equine Zyme and let your horse show you why ours is the best!  It does not need to be refrigerated,  just keep out of direct sun light and in a cool, dry, dark place!

Please note. These probiotics ship from an outside vendor and rely on fresh ingredients so they do NOT always ship out ASAP.
3. 5 LB size

7 LB size $74.95

21 Lb size $196.50

All prices include shipping