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Try our all new Bella's Blend +DW

Fresh herbs such as thyme, sage, fennel, slippery elm, are blended with dried organic fruits such as apples, oranges, blueberries or bananas, Timothy hay pellets, oats, chia, spices that benefit health, elderberries, psyllium and pumpkin seed powder and seeds to make a delicious, nutritious delightful treat that also benefits your horses health. This powerhouse of nutrition can be added to grain or mash.

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Equine Herbal Wormer from Earth Song Ranch

A Natural Alternative to Chemical Wormers All Natural and Herbal Wormer!

Our Equine Herbal Wormer is a feed additive to be mixed in bucket feed, it contains a blend of 12 specific herbs, which can help to minimize parasitic infestation, along with some diatomaceous earth and provides feed additives by way of pre-biotics, pro-biotics and digestive enzymes. Some horses have been on this blend for over 18 months, and their owner's have done fecal counts which have come back clean. Safe to use for horses who are prone to laminitis and founder as it is low in NSC. Horses really do not need to be "chemically" wormed every 6 weeks, it disturbs their digestive health leading to other health related problems and a lack of absorption of nutrients in their hay and feed stuffs. The 8 oz. size of our herbal wormer will usually be enough for a two month supply for one horse. It is fed for 5 days of the month, and the horses love the herbs! Contains: Fennel, garlic, hyssop, hops, wormwood, thyme, pumpkin seeds, sage, blue vervain, olive leaf, pau d'arco, red clover (all in powder form) along with a small amount of food grade diatomaceous earth (DE).  Although it has been found safe to be used for mares in foal, consult your vet prior to use if you have a pregnant mare. One of the ingredients is Cayenne Pepper, the horses love it but you may find that you sneeze each time you give your horse a dose! If your horse has a positive egg count after having done a fecal, you can use Paratox (a homeopathic anti parasitic ) from the new moon to the full moon then use the Herbal Wormer, and you should be good to go!
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